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Geriatric Care

How It May Help You

Geriatric physical therapy at our Winchester clinic focuses on the unique needs of aging adults. It is designed to treat conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacement and balance disorders to improve the overall quality of life. In addition, our geriatric physical therapy programs in Winchester are aimed at mobility rehabilitation, increasing fitness levels and reducing overall pain.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Geriatric physical therapy from our Winchester therapists is an essential component of a healthy aging plan. From prevention and education to treatment and rehabilitation, physical therapy is vital for a healthier, happier and more independent lifestyle for aging adults.

Fall Prevention Programs

Research shows that falling can be a leading cause of injury for seniors. That’s why ReEnvision emphasizes balance training programs for older adults. It’s a proven method for promoting safety and reducing the number of traumatic falls sustained each year. In these appointments, patients will learn:

  • Techniques to prevent falls
  • Tips for maintaining stability
  • Exercises to strengthen the core for stability
  • Body awareness to reduce injury

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Following joint replacement surgery or other surgical interventions, physical therapy is always required to help patients overcome post-surgical complications, improve mobility and recover pre-injury range of motion. Outpatient post-surgical rehabilitation may include:

  • Stretches to improve flexibility
  • Exercises to increase strength
  • Guided techniques for enhanced mobility 
  • Education to prevent future injuries

Pain Reduction

Our Winchester geriatric physical therapy services may help alleviate discomfort from chronic conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis while offsetting future symptoms. Some forms of physical therapy are so successful that they can lessen the need for prescription drugs.

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