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Therapeutic Exercise

Help Heal and Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Therapeutic exercise is a treatment method that uses certain physical activities to facilitate healing and promote a healthy lifestyle. The ultimate goal of therapeutic exercise is to improve and restore musculoskeletal function without pain symptoms, prevent further impairment and enhance overall wellness.

Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise can provide many benefits when practiced regularly. It is crucial for therapeutic exercises to be performed on a regular basis in order to maintain their extensive benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Better body mechanics and posture
  • Reduced pain symptoms
  • Improved balance and flexibility
  • Greater circulation throughout the body
  • Enhanced mood and energy levels
  • Less dependence on medications
  • Improved quality of life

Types of Therapeutic Exercises

There are numerous kinds of therapeutic exercises that are designed to promote healing. Talk to your physical therapist at ReEnvision to design a treatment plan that is right for you. The most common forms include:

Strength Training

Strengthening exercises are performed in moderate or high intensity to develop muscle tissue and build up overall strength. In general, strength training is performed with heavy resistance and fewer repetitions. There are three types of strength training: 

  • Isotonic
  • Isokinetic 
  • Isometric

This type of therapeutic exercise aims to manage and prevent chronic diseases and health conditions, as well as make daily physical activities simpler.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility training focuses on improving range of motion through slow and gradual muscle lengthening exercises. These exercises increase mobility and stimulate blood flow, which can improve everyday function and reduce pain. There are several types of activities that bolster flexibility, such as: 

  • Yoga
  • Stretching: static or dynamic
  • Pilates

Endurance Training

Endurance training is a type of therapeutic exercise that builds physical endurance and strength while also helping to improve cardiovascular fitness. This type of training can be classified in four ways: 

  • Frequency: exercise should be completed 3-5 times a week
  • Intensity: exercises intensity levels can be low, moderate, or vigorous
  • Time: continuous or intermittent activity should take 20-60 minutes
  • Type: there are rhythmic, aerobic and sport activities

Stability and Balance Exercises

These kinds of exercises aim to improve coordination and balance, which is vital for daily physical activities and injury prevention. Balance exercises force the body to adapt and stabilize its positions with a single point of contact while focusing on an individual’s center of gravity. Some beneficial types of balance exercises include: 

  • One-leg stands: where you stand on one leg for 30 seconds, keeping the foot on ground flat and with an even weight distribution
  • Hurdle step downs: includes stepping down from a platform or step, touching your heel to the floor and returning to a standing position on the elevated surface by controlling your weight distribution and using your core 
  • Single leg deadlifts: when you raise one leg off the ground while performing a deadlift, focusing on keeping that leg straight

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