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ReEnvision Physical Therapy Patient Reviews

Pamela C.

I have had neck and back problems most of my life. I was never able to find relief through chiropractic care or Physical Therapy, until I met Kyle. He was still a student when I first started treatment with him. I was immediately comfortable and trusted him. He takes the time to get to the root of your pain and come up with the best treatment for your individual needs. Kyle cares about your success as his patient. He listens to you, which I feel is super important. My range of motion has improved dramatically and continues to improve with each treatment. Throughout the last couple of years, Kyle has treated me for my back and neck pain as well as a shoulder injury. It took no time at all for him to get my shoulder moving again. I highly recommend Kyle with Reshape Physical Therapy.

Nyle F.

To say I’m thankful for Kyle Feldman and the care he has provided for me would be an understatement. I began my care with Kyle prior to him working with Reshape, and he continued to encourage further testing and provided me with the best Orthopedic doctor I could have asked for. He tirelessly worked through ever possible source of my pain until my hip surgery was done. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother recovery under his care. He personalizes your program specific to your needs, and gets you to where you’d desire to be at the end of your rehabilitation. I’d highly recommend anyone looking for the best physical therapy experience to Kyle Feldman and the Reshape Team!

Stephen O.

I was a previous patient of Kyle’s when I was having issues with my right shoulder, this was before he was with ReShape. When my left shoulder started having issues, I knew I wanted to work with Kyle again. I found him at his new location (ReShape) which is conveniently located and easy to find. Kyle knows his stuff and has tremendously help me with both rotator cuff injuries. Although they were minor injuries, my arms and shoulders are essentially how I get around since I’m restricted to a manual wheelchair. Kyle did some dry needling and PT to help heal and strengthen both of my shoulders. He also provided exercises I can do to help prevent having these types of injuries. I highly recommend Kyle!!

Barbara H.

With ReShape Physical Therapy I have felt relief from pain and I have gotten stronger. I especially appreciated how Kyle didn’t treat my problem in isolation, but with the recognition that my body parts are connected and affect how other body parts function. I have already recommended ReShape Physical Therapy to others, and I will continue to do so.

Peter W.

Kyle provided the best personalized care I have ever received, and, cured my ailments which was the main goal. I am happily pain free and he has dramatically helped in my recover from back surgery. Highly recommend Kyle!

Samantha S.

Everything about ReShape Physical Therapy has been wonderful! Everyone was always so welcoming from the moment you walk through the door. Levi was an exceptional PT. He is very knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of PT!

Tracy D.

I was referred to Kyle Feldman by some friends and he was confirmed by my doctor to be a good PT choice. When I went to Kyle a few months ago, I had a complex situation with a lot of pain. Kyle was able to help me work through multiple issue and get back to an almost completely pain free life . He also gave me a greater understanding of how the body works, he used multiple PT techniques and gave home exercises that I needed in order to continue to improve and to help myself. He was very professional, personable, knowledgeable and has a genuine concern for my wellbeing and helping me to feel better. He took his time to ask the right questions and listen to my answers. His staff is very friendly and the practice is clean and sanitized with COVID protocols in place. Kyle is a great PT and I can’t recommend him enough. I’m keeping Kyle on speed dial!!

Brian L.

I wanted to share my observations and high regard for my PT experience with ReShape and specifically my physical therapist Molly Barb at the Arlington, Va. location. First, I found ReShape’s one-on-one patient-to-therapist model superior to my prior experiences with physical therapists who divided their time during appointments between multiple patients. Second, I found Molly’s pleasant and professional demeanor made the overall treatment much more tolerable. Most importantly, I was more motivated to continue the home PT exercises and I think I had a more successful recovery, because Molly’s explanations during the months of PT allowed me to understand how and why the exercises were increasing my movement. I asked a lot of questions and she answered them quickly and expertly, but also in layman’s terms I could understand. During the treatments and at the end, Molly provided me a summary of exercises so I could continue to strengthen. As a result of my experience with ReShape and work with Molly, I have been telling my friends to be sure to consider ReShape if they need any help with PT.

Maddie D.

I have had my fair share of concussions, and this was by far the best treatment I have ever received. I was lucky enough to work with Ali Gosnell, who besides being extremely caring and kind, was extremely knowledgeable and always had a solution for the pain or discomfort I was feeling. This office as a whole is full of wonderful people who absolutely know what they are doing when it comes to concussions and physical therapy in general. While I was happy my symptoms disappeared, I was almost disappointed to not be going back! 10/10 recommend.

Catherine S.

I don’t do reviews, ever. However, I really did not feel it was a service to the community at large not to say something about Kyle Feldman at Reshape. I had a serious injury to my right ankle and foot. I work with a physical therapist and they actually caused more harm than good. Kyle has been AMAZING in trying everything to help me regain mobility and I would drive 100 miles to get to him he is that amazing. If you have ANY issue start with him and you’ll be glad you did.

Shelly L.

My experience at Reshape Physical Therapy in Winchester,Va. was very positive and rewarding. Levi Perry was my therapist. He helped me resolve my lower back pain and lower abdominal issues by listening and giving me a variety of helpful exercises and therapy.
Very friendly and professional. Made me feel at ease and confident that he could help me. Office staff so nice and very efficient in getting your appointments scheduled. I highly recommend Levi and the staff at Reshape Physical Therapy!

Carlton B.

I was having very bad back pain and went to a number of doctors with no success. Finally my family doctor send me to Reshape physical therapy. There I met Kyle Feldman and he worked with me to get everything working probably again. He knew what exercises to give me to strength my back without hurt me. Kyle and his staff wonderful people that know what they are doing and make you comfortable each time you visit them. Thank you!!

Agness H.

Amazing PT experience with Kyle & Ally. Visit this office twice, my son visited once and we will do again. They work with me and my son with compassion and great customer care. It was helpful with my arm – I can use my arm freely with no pain.

I highly recommended anyone who needed PT this is the place additional it is clean m, great equipment and all employees are friendly.

Melanie G.

ReShape PT is fantastic! Ali is amazing. She is excellent at diagnosing issues that are affecting other things, and is easily able to modify therapy to make the therapy more effective. After my first 3 sessions with her, my pain went from about an 8 to a 1, and after the 4th session is at zero. She is terrific about allowing the patient to determine the best course of action, and listens attentively to what the patient has to say. I would not hesitate in the least going back should the need arise. Thank you so much, Ali!

Linda B.

I’ve been extremely pleased with the help and support that I have received from Kyle and his staff! My scoliosis was beginning to affect many of the activities that I enjoy. The education and specific strengthening exercises that I have received along with manual therapy for increased flexibility have allowed me to continue those activities.

The ReEnvision Physical Therapy Difference

  • Personalized physical therapy programs to improve mobility
  • Clinical exercise plans to enhance athletic performance 
  • Diagnostic consultations to develop a customized care plan
  • Progressive physical therapy programs designed to get you back to peak performance while preventing future injury 
  • Telehealth physical therapy options for care when and where you need it
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