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ReEnvision Physical Therapy Patient Reviews

Winchester, VA (W. Jubal Early Dr.)

Debora A.

ReEnvision Physical Therapy is the very best Physical Therapy establishment I have ever used. The entire staff is the most highly educated, caring, and empathetic staff bar none. They work with each individual pinpointing their exact needs and finding the best solutions for the best outcomes. They work to help you learn the best methods of furthering your outcome in addition to the assistance they give you. Kyle is not only the best PT I have ever had, but he works with the entire staff to ensure the best experience at all levels. There is no other place I would go to if in need of Physical Therapy.

Melissa M.

This place ROCKS!!! I have been to several places for PT, and I finally found my PT home. I have had two total knee replacements, the latest being May 15, 2023. My PT is Levi. He has truly listened to my goals and what I want to achieve, which is to be back on the Pickleball court with my friends. Not only has he thrown in some Pickleball moves using a beach ball to get me moving or a small ball to get me moving and shuffling, but today I brought in my PB paddles and ball. We played a little in the parking lot! It felt so good to be moving like I was actually playing. Levi doesn’t just focus on my knee, he makes me work ALL parts of my body. He has me strengthening my core, hamstrings, quads, arms…EVERYTHING! I HIGHLY recommend ReEnvision for your PT needs, especially Levi!

Maddie D.

I have had my fair share of concussions, and this was by far the best treatment I have ever received. I was lucky enough to work with Ali Gosnell, who, besides being extremely caring and kind, was extremely knowledgeable and always had a solution for the pain or discomfort I was feeling. This office as a whole is full of wonderful people who absolutely know what they are doing when it comes to concussions and physical therapy in general. While I was happy my symptoms disappeared, I was almost disappointed not to be going back! 10/10 recommend.

Winchester, VA (Located inside of FASST)

Madison C.

Coming to ReEnvision Physical Therapy has been one of the best decisions I have made. I had the opportunity to work with Alan Horback, who provided excellent treatment and patient care. I have had consistent upper trap and neck pain, and after receiving care from Alan, it drastically decreased. It was recommended for me to try dry needling, which I had never had before, and it made me a little nervous. Alan took the time to explain the process in detail, as well as every step that he was doing throughout, which made me feel very comfortable. He is incredibly knowledgeable and does a great job explaining what he is doing and why. To top it off, he is very personable, which makes for an overall enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend ReEnvison PT to anyone!

Kristi R.

If I could choose 10 stars, I would! Thank you, Denise, for a wonderful experience! My foot is SO much better! Before my first visit, I was skeptical that you could fix me, but you did! You are so personable and I enjoyed each visit with you because you made me feel welcomed and comfortable. If I have to have physical therapy again, I will be back!

Lander W.

Today’s visit with Kyle was AMAZING! He worked with our son to pinpoint his issue, which seemed to be a ‘hip’ but actually turned out to be an oblique issue. Then, to make it even better, our son came in not being able to walk fast but left nearly SPRINTING! You’re the first and only therapist to help address the issue and set a plan. Thank you so much!

Arlington, VA (Located inside of Gold’s Gym)


I spent several months under the care of Cesar Laboy for rehabilitation of my shoulder and was incredibly pleased with the care. Cesar is extremely knowledgeable, providing me with far more insight into my injury and recovery course than the orthopedic surgeon. He displayed a mastery of his field with thoughtful and effective treatment plans and provided detailed exercise regimens to continue at home. I chose the Arlington location of ReEnvision for its convenience and feel very fortunate that it brought me such a skilled therapist. Cesar and his colleague, Molly, are both lovely and talented, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of PT.

Jackie J.

Molly Barb is a phenomenal physical therapist! I went to ReEnvision PT’s Arlington, VA, location after injuring my shoulder while playing sports and needing surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. I picked the location for convenience and totally lucked out. I have worked with many physical therapists over the years (after surgeries, sports injuries, etc), and Molly is FAR and ABOVE the best I have ever worked with. Her knowledge of the human body and how all muscles, joints, ligaments, etc, work together truly impressed me, as did her ability to adjust and adapt exercises to my particular needs. I should also add that Molly and her co-workers are extremely friendly, and the office has a very welcoming vibe. If I ever were to need a physical therapist again, there is NO question that I would go back to Molly (no matter how long the wait). I highly, highly recommend Molly to anyone who is in need of PT!

LaVette F.

I’ve been an athlete for 40 years. From sprinting in track and field through college to competing in ultimate freebie and now power lifting. I’ve had many injuries and seen a hand-full of Doctors and Physical Therapist. But Molly from ReEnvision really understands me and my injuries. She assessed my movement, stretching, and standing. Then she put together a personal PT plan that is definitely helping me heal my back and so I can regain my strength. Molly is mindful of my limitations but pushes me when needed. She is honest and easy to talk too. She has been the best Physical Therapist I have ever had from Cali to Virginia. Molly will definitely get you back in the gym or on the field pain-free!

Rockville, MD (Located inside of Gold’s Gym)

Laura L.

I had an excellent experience with Catherina (Cat) Park and highly recommend this clinic! The clinic is conveniently located in Rockville Town Square, and garage parking is free. The clinic is neat, clean, and comfortable. Cat is very personable and provided challenging, effective treatment that meaningfully improved my condition. I enjoyed coming in each week to work with her and learned how to continue exercises at home to continue improving. I appreciated the teamwork between her and her colleagues – shout out to Mehrdad and his expert dry-needling! Thank you!!

Tom Y.

I feel very lucky that I was introduced to Dr. Bahramian. First, it is great to be treated by someone who truly cares about helping you. I was impressed with both Dr. Bahramian‘s expertise and character. He is the first person to correctly diagnose the knee problem that I’ve been dealing with for over 10 years. I’ve seen various specialists and tried various treatments, but nothing has helped. In just a few sessions, almost full mobility was restored to my knee, with no pain except at extreme bending. I’m on my way to full recovery, which I didn’t know was possible.

Yuko Y.

I am a world-class competitive ballroom dancer. I have had my hip and knee issues for the past 10 years. I have tried all different kinds of treatments, including PT, Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Massage, and Chiropractic, and even seen an orthopedic surgeon, but nothing helped me. Recently, the pain radiated all over my body. I was so fatigued every day, with no motivation. I felt like quitting dancing and all physical activities; I was desperate. Then I found Dr. Mehrdad Bahramian in Rockville, offering Physical Therapy. I am currently seeing him twice a week. I feel relief from pain and improved my overall physical condition in just 3 weeks. As a result, I am mentally much more focused and motivated. During my 40-minute visit, I am getting one-on-one attention from Dr. Mehrdad. He educates and supports me in all those necessary exercises and gives me manual therapy and dry needling. Now, I know that Physical Therapy can work, but it depends greatly on the therapist’s skill
and knowledge. Thank you, ReEnvision and Dr. Mehrdad!

Fort Myers, FL (Located in Gulf Coast Town Center)

Alexander H.

Great place, great therapist. Chris is a relentless PT who thinks outside the box and works with you from start to finish. My one-year-old shoulder injury has improved since seeing him.
Ps. This is the only insurance-based PT practice that PT works with you the whole session. Highly recommend.

Richard P.

Fantastic practice; clean, attentive, professional, friendly. This practice provides care unparalleled to the other clinics I have received care with. Other clinics (not this one) feel like they are mills; just cranking out patients. This practice truly feels like you are getting the attention and therapy you need to get better. They also provide a wider array of therapies than I have ever received from any other clinic. Dr. Rosebrough is a fantastic practitioner. I highly recommend you check them out. You probably won’t go back to anyone else. Thank you for your service!

Vicki H.

What a breath of fresh air!! From the moment I walked into the office, I knew I’d come to the right place. The receptionist was so kind and helpful, the office was warm and inviting, and Dr R. was exceptional. He listens, spends significant time with you to understand your issues, and is so compassionate. Mix a sense of humor into all of this, and you’ve found the perfect Physical Therapist!!

The ReEnvision Physical Therapy Difference

  • Personalized physical therapy programs to improve mobility
  • Clinical exercise plans to enhance athletic performance 
  • Diagnostic consultations to develop a customized care plan
  • Progressive physical therapy programs designed to get you back to peak performance while preventing future injury 
  • Telehealth physical therapy options for care when and where you need it
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