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Trigger Point Massage

Alleviate Your Pain

Unlike a traditional spa massage that you may be familiar with, physical therapy massage focuses on specific trigger points to alleviate pain. Through trigger point massage at our Winchester clinic, your physical therapist can help rehabilitate muscle and joint strength while improving mobility and function.

What are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are sore or painful spots in the muscles. These areas may be sensitive and when pressure is applied to them, they cause pain in a different area of the body. That is because trigger points exist on a sort of “map” and are interconnected throughout the body.

While your physical therapist works through your trigger points, you may experience both discomfort and relief. However, integrating massage and pressure point therapy into our Winchester patients’ physical therapy program optimizes treatment and may speed up recovery to get you back in the game or completing daily activities sooner.

Benefits of Trigger Point Massage

Massage therapy has a range of benefits that center around improving your overall function and speeding up your recovery. Trigger point massage from our Winchester therapists can:

Improve Circulation:

Massage stimulates blood flow, which supplies the oxygen and nutrients that your muscles need to heal.

Increase Range of Motion:

Massage can improve posture, flexibility and range of motion of targeted muscles and joints affected by your injury.

Reduce Pain:

Massage can help reduce soreness associated with your injury to improve function sooner.

Your physical therapist may recommend trigger point massage at our Winchester clinic in addition to other services to enhance your recovery process.

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