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Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief

We see many patients enter our clinics with back pain. One of the main causes of this pain is the time people spend commuting—we see patients who drive over two hours a day! Other common contributors to increased low back and hip pain include sitting for extended periods at work and at home. So, the common denominator is that back pain typically originates from sitting for long periods of time.

How can you fix this?

Most of the time, people try to twist side to side or put a pillow behind their lower backs in hopes of getting some comfort. Unfortunately, these methods rarely provide lasting relief.

Physical Therapists have found that the design of a car’s bucket seat positions a driver’s knee above their hips and pelvis in a posterior position, causing a rounded spine and lower back pain. This can also be caused by poorly designed office chairs.



This acute angle and causes you to sit on your tailbone. Most people will try to use a pillow behind their back, but this does not help or address the source of the problem. To help correct this position a few companies have created wedges that help to place the pelvis in a more even position to help keep a more natural spine position, which will target the source of your back pain and bring relief.


If you struggle with back pain caused by sitting for long periods of time, contact us to schedule an appointment for a seat wedge evaluation!

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